Best Neurosurgeon in Austin

In December of 2018 Dr. Peterson performed a two-level fusion on my lumbar spine (L4/5 L5/S1) to repair severe disc degeneration. Now two years later, my back is stronger and feels better than ever before. In fact this past October I was able to climb Guadalupe Peak! I have my life back, and will be forever grateful to Dr. Peterson, Cameron, and their entire team. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Waxahachie, TX – Dec 1, 2020

Best Neurosurgeon in Austin

Dr. Peterson and Staff,

Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life! My neck is better than it has been for the last 30 years, Best Wishes.

Austin, TX – Dec 1, 2020

Best Neurosurgeon in Austin

Dr Peterson choose a minimally invasive back surgery for me in Dec, 2017 to remove my problems. He's brilliant and knows the best solution, and here I am 2.5 years later still doing awesome. I'd highly recommend him to anyone. He knows his stuff!

Austin, TX – July 21, 2020

Best Neurosurgeon in Austin

BEST SPINE SURGEON EVER!! I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Peterson and his team for saving my life. I was unable to even feel my foot and basically wanted to cut off my leg from the pain. But Dr. Peterson and his PA Cameron explained everything to me and were able to give me back my life! Thank you so much!

Austin, TX – Jan 3rd, 2020

Best Neurosurgeon in Austin

Back in March I found myself with a massive herniated disc that was pressing on a nerve and making it impossible to walk without excruciating pain. I had tried spinal injections and physical therapy in the hopes of avoiding surgery but after two months of no success and getting to the point where I couldn’t even get out of bed I had to finally give in. With all the COVID procedures I wasn’t able to go for doctors visits in person to meet surgeons who might be able to do it. After calling around to a few other surgeons offices I called Austin Neurosurgeons for a second opinion on things and because a family friend had recommended them. Unlike the others that I had talked to on the phone, they immediately set a telehealth appointment with me for the same day so that I could talk with them on video chat, get more information about the surgery and ask any questions I needed. They made me feel much more at ease and confident about needing the surgery and since they were able to perform it the next day I decided to go with them instead of the original surgeon I was talking to. They were so amazing throughout the whole process. They helped to keep me relaxed when I got anxious about having a surgery in the middle of Covid. They were amazing with follow up care and did everything with a pleasant manner that just made you feel comfortable and cared for. I hope that I never need a surgery like that again, but it I did I would go back to them without a second of hesitation and would recommend them to anyone else. I feel like a completely new person now and am finally pain free!

Austin, TX – Aug 18, 2020

Best Neurosurgeon in Austin

I've known Dr. Peterson since 2007. He and I explored every other means of treatment *except* surgery, before he performed my first lumbar fusion in '08. He and his staff were wonderful. I was terrified then, as I was before my subsequent surgeries in '12 and '18. Dr. Peterson is very calm and reassuring, but at the same time, no BS. He doesn't sugar coat and he doesn't try to guess. I have tremendous peace of mind knowing I have him on my team. No matter what the future holds, I'm in good hands

Austin, TX – Feb 21, 2019

I cannot recommend Dr. Peterson highly enough. From the first consultation that confirmed a tumor on my brain through my surgery and recovery and my one year checkup, I was treated with the utmost respect and concern. My surgery was successful and my recovery has been remarkable.

Nov 30, 2018

Dr. Peterson has performed three procedures on me over the last 15 + years. First 2, I was back on the tennis court after a month both times. Am in second week post-surgery now and looking forward to resuming all activities. Have recommended him numerous time.

Austin, TX – Aug 23, 2018

My experience with Dr. Peterson was beyond my belief. My wait time in both the waiting room and the exam room was short, Not to mention how great the service was. Dr. Peterson's staff/team provided EXCELLENT PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS CARE.

Austin, TX – Jul 17, 2018

About two years ago I was all set up for fusion surgery on my back, which is major surgery. At the last minute I decided to get a second opion. After reviewing my MRI and X-rays, Dr. Peterson assured me that I did not need a fusion. So we left Mich. And went to Austin. After one night in the hospital and a few days later, we flew home. Me and my two inch incision. I have never regretted it. Thank god for Dr. Peterson.

Port Huron, MI – Jul 06, 2018

Dr. Dan is the man.

Buda, TX – May 05, 2018

I was referred to Dr. Peterson by a local orthopedic surgeon I have known and trusted for 15 years. Back surgery is serious and I am seven weeks postop feeling great, but still healing and building strength. Dr. Peterson is caring and highly experienced and although I hope it is my last Surgery, if ever something happened, he is the one I would turn to without question. His staff was awesome too.

Austin, TX – Mar 27, 2018

Dr. Peterson is one of the very best surgeons in Austin. I’ve been a patient of his for over 12 years and I wouldn’t go to any other practice. His friendly and caring staff is the best as well. I would and have recommended Dr. Peterson to several of my friends and they too have had a positive experience.

Taylor, Texas – Jan 03, 2018

Dr. Daniel Peterson has kept me able and walking for almost 15 years now. He is very skilled, and knows when to wait, and when surgery is necessary. I trust him with my life, and owe him much more for keeping me up and about!

Dec 20, 2017

I would recommend Doctor Peterson and his staff to everyone. He is very professional does not waste a lot of time gets to the point of your problems and needs immediately. He knew what to do gave me alternatives set up appointments for my next doctor as well as my next visit to his office. Very little waiting in office or in his room this shows me total professionalism and caring for his patients. I really felt like I received great service with Doctor Peterson as well as his staff

Cedar Park, TX – Dec 08, 2017

Dr. Peterson made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the time he entered the exam room until the time he exited it. He was very professional and straight forward. He did not attempt to paint a brighter picture than what was actually there and I appreciated that. He told me exactly what he saw and what had to be done even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I love honesty and Dr. Peterson exemplifies honesty.

Austin, TX – Oct 30, 2017

In addition to being a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Peterson is a very empathic human being and a great listener. I went into my surgery feeling zero anxiety thanks to Dr. Peterson and his staff. I feel very fortunate to have been their patient.

Austin, TX – Oct 04, 2017

Dr. Peterson is a gifted surgeon. My surgery completely relieved me of my pain. The entire experience from my first appointment, the surgery, and my followup was a positive experience. Dr. Peterson listens and takes time to make sure his patients are well informed. The office staff was friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr. Peterson to anyone looking for an excellent surgeon.

Austin, TX – Jun 14, 2017

I had an unexpected, very painful, back problem. My PCP called Dr Peterson's office and the got me in the next day to see him. He recommended what my next treatment(s) should be and another doctor that could help me. It was the right diagnosis and the right treatment for what my problem was. I was back on my feet and walking upright again within a week. I was seen and treated quickly when I went into the office and had a very pleasant appointment, considering the circumstances.

Austin, TX – May 09, 2017

Dr. Peterson was highly recommended to me by an RN friend of mine. I am a retired CT / X-ray Tech and after meeting Dr Peterson I knew her recommendation was right on. He preformed my Lumbar Spine surgery with absolute effencency! Everything he told me was exactly how it went. Pain free now after 3 years! Thank You Dr Peterson!! I have, and will recommend him to everyone. And his office staff effenency and professionalism rates right there with him.

Lampasas, Texas – May 02, 2017

I had ruptured disc and spinal stenosis so badly I could only walk bent over. Pain unbearable. tried injections with a pain management physician who after trying twice suggested MRI immediately suggested Surgery. Dr. Peterson saw me only 3 days after calling and explaining my situation that was on Friday scheduled me for surgery on Monday. I had such pain relief. I am a retired nurse of 46 years. I would recommend Dr.Peterson without reservation.

Round Rock, TX – Jan 29, 2017

Thank you Dr. Peterson for being my advocate with my insurance company and for the wonderful care you gave me. Having a two level TDR has completely eliminated my symptoms of neuropathy, chronic back pain, and I'm so greatly appreciative of your expertise with the Mobi-C discs. Lastly, because they're never told enough, a warm thank you to your office staff for being friendly, personable, and compassionate all the while with smiles on their faces.

Austin, TX – Oct 21, 2016

I've always considered spinal surgery an absolute crap shoot. Win some, lose some... Dr. Dan, however, is a completely different story. The man is a true craftsman. He saved my life. Literally... And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I owe him everything. Sincerely.

Austin, TX – Sep 23, 2016

Dr. Peterson clipped a bleeding, 2mm, intracranial aneurysm on a very small artery at the base of my son-in-laws brain. My son in law was in big trouble with rising pressure in his head, severe pain. To say the least this was life-threatening! Thanks to the excellent neuroradiologist, who refused to be satisfied with initial studies that didn't show the defect and then found the culprit AND thanks to the extremely skilled Dr. Peterson my son in law survived without any neurologic deficits.

Wimberley, TX – Jun 01, 2016

Dr. Peterson is absolutely the best! He has actually performed 2 spinal surgeries on me, both unrelated. I had suffered with a C6/C7 degenerative disc for over 10 years. I went to Dr. Peterson and was so impressed with his professional and friendly manner, that I allowed him to perform the fusion. The result - 100% successful. 4 years later, a cyst suddenly appeared against my spinal cord at T1/T2 causing significant pain and numbness. Again, the result - 100% successful. Thanks Dr. Peterson!

Austin, TX – Mar 08, 2016

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