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Austin Neurosurgeons, Your Destination for Pain Relief

As you may know all too well, chronic pain can be debilitating. It can have a negative impact on your relationships with family members and friends, your career, and almost every aspect of your life. It can make things that you once enjoyed seem completely unbearable. Thankfully, you do not have to deal with this problem alone. Austin Neurosurgeons works with pain management physicians and teams of providers to provide surgical and non-surgical solutions for chronic pain syndromes.

Customized Care

Chronic pain is something that is unique for each individual. The more that medical professionals learn about it, the more they see that the way one person experiences pain is much different than the way another person experiences pain. For this reason, we work with each one of our clients individually. In order to come up with a pain management solution, we need to get to know you personally. We need to understand why you are experiencing pain, how long you have been experiencing pain, what things you have tried, and more. Once we are able to gather this information, we can come up with a customized solution in order to eliminate your pain or help you to manage it better.

Types of Pain Management

The treatments that are available for chronic pain are as diverse as the causes for chronic pain. Some individuals do well with prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications. However, these usually do not provide long-term solutions. Our focus is to find something that is going to get you living the highest quality of life possible. Individuals who have fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, tension headaches, and chronic pain syndromes have found relief with customized pain management treatments.

Some chronic pain syndromes can be managed with devices called spinal cord stimulators that alter pain signals for comfort. These devices are often used to help individuals who experience pain in their legs, arms, neck, and lower back. Dr. Daniel Peterson has placed more spinal cord stimulators than any other doctor in central Texas. His knowledge and skill in the use of this life-changing technology is unparalleled in the area.

Physical therapy can help most individuals who have sustained an injury or who have a disability. This therapy may include:

- strengthening the muscles,

- stretching

- ultrasound

- transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS)

- traction

- joint mobilization

- massage

- iontophoresis

- laser light therapy

- kinesiology taping

- and much more.

These methods of therapy work to promote mobility and relieve pain. Physical therapy is often combined with other traditional pain management therapies, like spinal cord stimulation, medication, and epidural steroid injections, in order to produce long-term pain relief.

Austin Neurosurgeons, with Dr. Daniel Peterson and Cameron Prather, PA-C, works with you and many teams of dedicated providers to best manage your symptoms.

Contact Us Today

You do not have to suffer alone. Please reach out to Austin Neurosurgeons in order to set up a consultation at our office in Austin, TX. We are interested in finding the right pain management solution for you. Our goal is to reduce or completely eliminate your pain and help you get back to doing the things you enjoy. Contact our office today to book an appointment and get started!



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